Tie a Perfect Kiwi Kiss Satin Ribbon Knot

Still loving the Kiwi Kiss Satin ribbon? So what about tying a double knot on a card and having the ends perfect, showing a little of the very vanilla? Well, here’s the tutorial for you to create the perfect knot.

You may have heard the ‘right over left, then left over right’ method. This is the same method with the help of  pictures!

Here’s a photo of the final knot on a card.

I’ve started off with a 30cm length of Kiwi Kiss/Very Vanilla Satin ribbon. You may want to start with probably a 35cm length until you are used to tying the knots.


It’s easier to tie a knot with one piece of ribbon, than two. Hence grab the two the ends (creating a circle), and have the right end go on top of the left end.  


With the same right end (now on the left), fold it down, over the other end.


Continue to wrap it around the original left end. That’s the first knot completed. (The first knot is ‘right over left’)


Now, grabbing the back end (the original left end) wrap it around the front end from the left side (this should feel a little awkward).


Continue to wrap that piece around the front end and slip it into the loop at the back created to complete the second knot. (The second knot is ‘left over right’)


Using all fingers, pulling from all four parts of the ribbon (the ends as well as the large circle), until you have a well balanced double knot. Here I trim the ends and lightly singe them with a lighter.


To know where to cut the ribbon, position it onto the card exactly where you would like the knot to be.


Stretch the circle out to the end and cut the ribbon approx 1cm away from the edge of the card. This will leave enough of the edge to wrap it around your mat, or DSP for a more finished look.


Add snail to the back of the ribbon, lightly stretch it across your cardstock and fold back the edges. Voila – your perfect knot.



One Response to Tie a Perfect Kiwi Kiss Satin Ribbon Knot

  1. Sylvia says:

    Both tutorials on the kiwikiss/vanilla ribbon are great I’ve recently purchased and had not worked out what to do with it, so great timing!

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