M&M tubes

I’ve been keeping myself busy today making this delightful gift. A great little gift to give to friends for Xmas using the Raspberry Tart DSP and Rose Red cardstock. It was really hard not to eat the coloured M&M’s whilst sorting them out…bye for now – off to get some study done.

MM Tubes


4 Responses to M&M tubes

  1. Hi Lyanna.

    What a wonderful gift. Did you make more for the other coloured M&M’s or did they get eaten…..hahaha.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Lyanna says:

      what other colours? Opps caught out! They were part of the process – eat a few, ponder, eat some more then stick this, stick that, eat a few more… and finally no more ‘other colours’!

  2. haha about the other colours!!!! I love this Lyanna … did you make this from a tutorial at all???

  3. Linda Craven says:

    Hi Lyanna
    This is sooooo beautiful. I love it. Do you have a tutorial for it as I would love to make one!

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