Basket Case for Envelopes

It’s time I finally had a new home for my mini square envelopes (fits my 3×3 inch love notes). Previously they were squashed into a round basket – now everyone knows that a square peg does not fit into a circle hole. But I ‘made it fit’… unfortunately for my poor out of shape red basket. Here’s what it used to look like with the envelopes all squashed into it.
Squashed and out of shape

And here is the new home, weaved box that I quickly designed (not too bad since there was no design, just a concept)

new home

new home3

new home4

And with the lid closed. I was really contemplating whether I really needed a lid for this square basket, in the end, I created one – had to keep the dust away!

new home2

And here’s the unfortunate basket that I weaved a couple of months ago (the tutorial is on Split Coast Stampers). It looks permanently damaged and out of shape – I won’t be able to resurrect this one.

poor end


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