How to Store your Clear Mount stamps

Do you have your clear mount stamps “swimming” in their DVD box?

Are they all in a mess?

Do you know if you’ve lost one – especially when it’s a set with many stamps?

Have a look at this one – does this remind you of one of your clear mount boxes? You probably can’t see so well from this picture, but some of the stamps are sticking to the DVD case, but others are not (hence “swimming”) and when I’m taking them out to use or take along with me – they just all fall out. Not great when I’m using 3 or 4 stamp sets at the same time (can’t decide which one to use!)

Finally fed up with losing stamps and putting them in the wrong DVD case AND having them shake around (damaging each other) I had some brilliant idea – why not keep the SUPPORT BACKING with them!

So it looks like this:

Just mount the support background as you would any clear mount stamp and stick it onto the DVD cover. Voila! I no longer have swimming stamps and especially for this stamp set where the pieces are so small and there are many of them, I now know when I’m missing one.

Here’s the back view – perfect!


So when I take stamps out, I know exactly how many are missing. And once I’ve used the stamp I just lightly push it back into the placeholder.


Hope you like my little tip! It’s made such a difference to my stamp sets – I just wished I had this idea when I first bought my clear mount stamp sets… unfortunately there will always be those stamp sets I bought and mounted before my brilliant idea – shake-a-shake-shake!


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